Coach Tameka Jackson

Tameka Jackson currently resides in New York where she is a high school principal, an author and a certified life coach. Educationally, Tameka has earned a Bachelor’s, Master’s and in the process of completing her dissertation for her Doctorate’s degree.

She is certified as a Life and Leadership Coach and Tameka has dedicated her life’s work to helping people from all backgrounds to live their best life. One theme that has guided her practice is, “As a (wo)man thinketh, so is (s)he.”

My Mission in Life

At the core of it all, I want to help people reach their highest potential. To maximize and live their best life. It is why I am an educator and coach. It brings me joy to see people moving beyond the places they never thought they could go. 

I’m a true fan of the underdog. Whether those are my Philadelphia Eagles, Rocky Balboa or when people underestimate others. Even when we underestimate ourselves. 

We are powerful beyond measure. What if we could really tap into that power? 

What could you do? 

Let’s find out!

You only live once, but if you do it right,
once is enough.


Created by Coach Tameka Jackson, was born out of a need for her to get her life together.

This planner allows for monthly, weekly, daily and hourly planning that will capture your goals, priorities, and identify areas of growth. The breakdown of short and long-term goals will dramatically increase your productivity, keep you organized and in a stress-free mindset.
The planner provides a system to stay focused, track goals and helps increase performance and overall quality of life. It is a perfect solution if you are looking to focus on your priorities while maximizing your time.

Yeah, You’re Right with Tameka Jackson

Life is hard enough with things outside of your control, but how do you deal with the internal? Yeah, you?
Join Tameka Jackson, educator, author, speaker and leadership life coach, as she challenges you to live your best life. The podcast will feature special guests and professionals from various industries that will share their experiences as well as actionable strategies.

This weekly podcast will not last longer than thirty minutes, for the listener on the move. If you want to go to your next level, this podcast is for you. Remember, if you think you can do a thing, you’re right.