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Lean in…are you feeling stuck?
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Coach Tameka Jackson is waiting for you to make the decision to put you first! That's right! You've done something for everyone else, but now it's your turn. Not only do you deserve it, but you're worth it.

Me Challenge

Time to get moving! Time to get unstuck! Time to get this life in order! Time to get up and stay up!

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I’m Tameka

As a passionate believer in the thoughts that you think will be the life you will live, I made a decision to start the journey to make some changes.
Becoming a life coach was the next phase of my journey, but something I have been doing most of my adult life. Seeking to understand the thoughts, motivations and roadblocks that we place at the center of our universe and prevents us from living our beset lives. Let’s change that.

Sis, Get Your Life: 3-Month Planner

Created by Coach Tameka Jackson, was born out of a need for her to get her life together.

This planner allows for monthly, weekly, daily and hourly planning that will capture your goals, priorities, and identify areas of growth. The breakdown of short and long-term goals will dramatically increase your productivity, keep you organized and in a stress-free mindset.
The planner provides a system to stay focused, track goals and helps increase performance and overall quality of life. It is a perfect solution if you are looking to focus on your priorities while maximizing your time.

7 Day Me Challenge

The 7-Day Me Challenge Journal was created to address the fact that 365 days is a lot for some of us. 90, 60, 30 and even 21 days are more than we can fathom at this point in our lives to change a habit or work on a challenge.
Therefore, Coach Tameka Jackson created the 7-Day Challenge Journal, which is meant to identify strengths, challenges, and journal about them. Set small, but attainable goals and then move towards a larger goal. Whatever you do, don’t give up or remain stuck. The journal encourages the one day at a time mantra. It also focuses on what you want to focus on as a challenge. This journal was created for you, by someone who applies it to their everyday life.

Are you ready to get started.